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NSEC Comes of Age to LANL's Program Announcements Site

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There is a new tool available to LANL employees called "Program Announcements".  NSEC will begin using this tool to communicate funding opportunity announcements and other important information in the near future.  Program Announcements is an opt-in service so we need YOU to subscribe so you don’t miss important information that may be of interest to you.

To subscribe, go to Program Announcements and click "Subscribe Now" (to log in, use your Z# and WIN password).  Select the NSEC offices that are of interest to you or select “I wish to receive notifications for all announcements” to receive announcements from all participating LANL programs/offices.
You can view a 3-minute video overview of the Program Announcements tool to learn more about it.
Following is a list of participating LANL programs\offices:

  • Nuclear Nonproliferation and Security (NNS)
  • NNS - Domestic Nuclear Detection Office DNDO
  • NNS - NASA/NSF (Space)
  • NNS - Nonproliferation and Treaty Verification NA24, State
  • NNS - Nonproliferation Deployment NA21, NA25
  • NNS - Nuclear Detonation Detection NA222
  • NNS - Proliferation Detection NA221
  • Intelligence Defense & Counterterrorism (IDC)
  • Emerging Threats (ET)
  • Office of Science (SPO-SC)
  • Applied Energy (SPO-AE)
  • Civilian Nuclear Program (SPO-CNP)
  • National Security Education Center (NSEC) - General
  • NSEC - Center for Non-Linear Studies
  • NSEC - Engineering Institute
  • NSEC - Information Science and Technology Institute
  • NSEC - Institute for Geophysics, Planetary Physics and Signatures
  • NSEC - Materials Science Institute
  • NSEC-Seaborg Institute
  • Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) (NIH and CDC)
  • Sponsored Research Office - WFO (University/Corporate)


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