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NSEC/NMC Coordination Office (NNCO)

The NSEC/NMC Coordination Office oversees all interactions and collaborations with the New Mexico Consortium (NMC) through an Institutional Agreement (IA).  The NMC has a wide range of capabilities that foster collaborative research partnerships and developing educational programs. Using a review and approval procedure, the NSEC/NMC Coordination Office processes requests for LANL personnel who wish to collaborate or work with the New Mexico Consortium.

LANL Staff who wish to work with the NMC must first contact the NSEC/NMC Coordination Office at 663-5453 or 665-5122.

Approval Process for Participation in the New Mexico Consortium through an Outside Activity

Process Steps

1.     Review proposal call for eligibility 

2.     Meet with NSEC/NMC Coordination Office to initiate pre approval process

a.     Required information

                    i.     Proposal title

                   ii.     Sponsor organization (NSF, USDA, etc.)

                  iii.     Proposal Summary (one paragraph to one page as appropriate)

                 iv.     Benefit to the PI

The benefit received is to the PI (not the institution) due to the fact that LANL staff can pursue basic R&D work via this proposal that they would not be able to pursue as LANL staff.  Therefore the activity supports professional development of LANL staff in doing basic research and the associated LANL recruitment and retention goals.

b.     If the NSEC/NMC Coordination Office determines that the proposal and benefits are acceptable for participation in the NMC, the NSEC Program Coordinator signature indicates suitability, and the PI can proceed to step 3.

3.     Meet with the NMC to determine if the NMC is willing to submit the proposal

a.     If NMC is willing to submit the proposal, then proceed to step 4 to obtain LANL manager approvals.

4.     PI obtains Manager approvals – return signed approval form to NSEC/NMC Coordination Office

a.     NSEC Program Director reviews approvals and justification.  Program Director signature is approval to participate

5.     NMC submits proposal

a.     If award is funded, PI applies for Outside Activity approval.

6.     Complete 701 Outside Activity Form

a.     Send completed 701 to COI Office (copy NSEC/NMC Coordination Office on electronic submission)

b.     NSEC/NMC Coordination Office provides COI office with 701 justification, and copy of approval documentation

Current Collaborations with the New Mexico Consortium

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