Research, Development, and Education

One of the main activities of the HEC FSIO is to coordinate all goverment funded research in file systems, I/O, and storage. There are many activites that fall under this category. The participating organizations are organized as follows:

HECURA FSIO and CPA through the National Science Foundation (NSF) [link]

HECURA FSIO was an NSF solicitation for R&D in HEC file systems and I/O done in FY06. 62 proposals from over 80 universities were received. 23 projects were funded from NSF, DOE, DOD, and ePSCOR funding. The NSF program manager, Almadena Chtchelkanova was instrumental in this very successful program.

DOE Office of Science (Labs and SciDAC Program) [link]

DOE NNSA (Labs and ASC Program) [link]

Current FSIO Research at the NNSA Labs:

DOD [link]

Current Research:

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